4.0-315 il y a 5 ans, 11 mois Fixed reported DIMM size Correct information about command 0x102 Changed ip_buffer to network_command_buffer Updated information about command 0x415
4.0-314 il y a 5 ans, 11 mois Changed Triforce specific EXI interrupt handling, all games should boot without any patches now Increased DIMM memory size to 8MB Added memory area for IP address configuration Added memory area for n...
4.0-313 il y a 5 ans, 11 mois Updated code to be multiplatform compliant
4.0-312 il y a 5 ans, 11 mois Fixed F-Zero AX JVS/IO features Fixed controller input related bugs Removed unused variable Removed unused function declaration Updated CMakelist.txt
4.0-311 il y a 5 ans, 11 mois IMPORTANT:
4.0-310 il y a 5 ans, 11 mois Work in progress
4.0-309 il y a 5 ans, 12 mois *Fixed Triforce backup storage
4.0-308 il y a 6 ans Added gameconfig for Mario Kart GP
4.0-307 il y a 6 ans *Added magnetic CARD support for F-Zero AX
4.0-306 il y a 6 ans *Added Triforce backup support *Added steering emulation *Added controller support for F-Zero AX *Added gameconfig for F-Zero AX
4.0-305 il y a 6 ans, 2 mois Merge branch 'master' into Triforce
3.0-698 il y a 6 ans, 5 mois Nice backslash!
3.0-697 il y a 7 ans, 3 mois Fixed "Virtua Striker 3 2002" stuck at boot regression and added working controls. Patch by MetalliC.