4.0-3275 il y a 8 ans Interpreter: fix carry calculation in srawx (PR #1086 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3273 il y a 8 ans JIT: fix regression in ps_sel (PR #1105 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3271 il y a 8 ans Fix BLR optimization (sorry) (PR #1104 de comex)
4.0-3267 il y a 8 ans Opportunistically predict BLR destinations using RET. (PR #1025 de comex)
4.0-3260 il y a 8 ans JIT: update some rather outdated comments (PR #1099 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3258 il y a 8 ans DolphinQt -- initial commit (PR #1090 de shuffle2)
4.0-3254 il y a 8 ans JIT: Optimize JitAsmCommon, Float, and PS implementations (PR #686 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3249 il y a 8 ans GekkoDisassembler: fix some float opcodes (PR #1094 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3247 il y a 8 ans Fix missing "return" (PR #1092 de comex)
4.0-3245 il y a 8 ans JIT: support immediate stores (PR #805 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3243 il y a 8 ans GekkoDisassembler: fix/improve disassembly for a few instructions (PR #1091 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3241 il y a 8 ans x64Emitter: fix silent failure if WriteNormalOp is passed two memory operands (PR #1089 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3239 il y a 8 ans Revert "Two small JIT optimizations" (PR #1088 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3237 il y a 8 ans Two small JIT optimizations (PR #1077 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3234 il y a 8 ans Fix all the current issues with the AArch64 register cache. (PR #1065 de Sonicadvance1)
4.0-3232 il y a 8 ans MMU: properly check MEM1 range on Gamecube games (PR #1063 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3230 il y a 8 ans JIT: Carry optimizations! (PR #1021 de FioraAeterna)
4.0-3223 il y a 8 ans PolarSSL: don't install stuff. (PR #1084 de waddlesplash)
4.0-3221 il y a 8 ans Kill off the wx casts within InputCommon and GLInterface. (PR #1080 de lioncash)
4.0-3219 il y a 8 ans Fix AArch64 MOVI2R helper function. (PR #1064 de Sonicadvance1)